Midwife’s Assistant Services

My current fee for this service is: $900

As a Midwife’s Assistant, my primary role is to support and assist the Midwife in both the prenatal clinical setting and {out of hospital} Birthing environment. I often act as the 2nd set of experienced, trained and capable hands whose job description is quite broad and often flexible within the birthing environment.

KelleyBirth-30 copy

I am a safety net with advanced training that includes Birth Emergency Skills, NRP and Healthcare Provider CPR certifications.  In an out of hospital birthing environment, I hold a safe birthing space alongside your Midwife, and actively assist her in defending it if necessary.  I have many positive, long-standing relationships with Midwives in the community which is beneficial to the families I serve. I firmly believe there is Midwife for everyone & it is so important to find the right fit.

LelaBirth-38 copyI am often hired as both Assistant Support and as Doula support for a Home birth. I can {and often do} act in dual capacity as the Assistant/Doula in a Home birth environment. However,  I absolutely recognize the importance of dedicated labor support and happily offer a  Doula Discount to families birthing outside of the hospital who prefer to have dedicated Doula support.

It is important that we recognize the power and importance of the right environment + the right birth team = Success.





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