Baby C’s Family


“Without Brandy, I do not think I would have had my VBAC. Brandy is so personable and knowledgable about birth. Before labor, she was there to support me, answer my calls, emails, questions any time of day. She had so much confidence in my body’s ability to birth, probably more than I did!

During labor, she was the perfect balance of helpfulness without being in the way. She knows what her place is, and she plays the role of doula perfectly. She knows how to fit into the situation where she is most helpful. I also know several midwives who love her and are big fans of her ūüôā¬†She reminded me to do things during labor that helped me so much (getting into the tub, deep breathing – to name a couple) and I think my husband and I would have forgotten to do those things without her. After laboring for 37 hours, the medical staff was ready to take me to a c-section. I was exhausted and agreed to the c-section after being “stuck” at 7cm for hours and hours. Brandy suggested the nurse check my dilation one more time. She did, and I was dilated and ready to push! Thanks to Brandy’s suggestion I was able to have a healing VBAC!

Brandy was worth every cent and more!¬†It was such a blessing to have a doula who I completely trusted. I wish I could remember every single thing she did for me, it was so much. The end of my pregnancy and my labor was significantly better because Brandy was a part of it. I would (and do) recommend her to anyone!” 10/29/2011


Baby L’s Family

IMG_8115“As first time parents, my husband and I wanted to do everything we could to ensure an unmedicated and natural birth for the delivery of our baby girl.¬† I¬†believe the best decision we made was hiring Brandy to be our doula.¬† Upon¬†meeting Brandy, we knew she was a great match for us!

She was so helpful in providing us with materials and educating us pre-labor.¬†When the time came for the actual labor, Brandy was so helpful in supporting my husband and I¬†to labor at home for as long as possible.¬† When I¬†retell my birth story, I¬†always say that when¬†Brandy¬†came over, it was like she flipped a switch and made the contractions really start to count!¬† She reminded us of techniques we had learned in our childbirth class and gave us the emotional reassurance we needed to be confident in our ability to birth a baby naturally.¬† She was able to recognize just when we needed to go to the hospital, and when we arrived, I was ready to push within one hour.¬† ¬†I’m happy to say¬†we successfully¬†had a unmedicated birth..¬† At my post-labor appointment, my OBGYN¬†actually commented that Brandy was the¬†most helpful¬†doula she had worked with.¬†Almost as important as her support during labor was her post-partum support. For us, breastfeeding was very difficult. I can honestly say that if I had not had her support, I would have a formula fed baby. I am so thankful for my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter, and I know it’s due, in part, to Brandy.

When you hire Brandy as a doula, you get the added bonus of great photography!¬† I¬†love looking back on the first moments¬†my¬†husband and I¬†spent with our baby girl. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Brandy, but I¬†can say that I¬†wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again and reccommend her to anyone having a baby!”¬†4/24/2012

Baby X’s Family

IMG_8344“Brandy was the perfect support for me and my husband!! I am a labor and delivery nurse and was preparing for the birth of our second child, baby boy number two. I work at OU Children’s where we have the midwives, but we also have the sickest mommies and babies from around the state as we are the only hospital equipped in the to provide the highest level of care. Therefore, I’ve seen how much can go wrong. From day one Brandy was always direct, honest, and up front with me and would tell me exactly what I needed to hear. She guided me to live in the normal, natural, and positive. I work always preparing for the 1% where things could go wrong, and Brandy pulled me into the 99% and empowered me to be positive and to believe in my body that it was perfectly capable. Brandy is well educated not only on the doula side of things but understands the medical aspects as well, not to say that she would guide your medical decisions in any way but that she can support you as she understands what is going on. She will advocate for you when necessary and will support your decisions. During labor Brandy was a constant calm and strong presence. She showed my husband how to perform counter pressure which was a lifesaver!!! She was constantly doing things to make my birthing experience better/easier/more comfortable and would give me lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement. This helped me to stay in control of my body, breathing, and response to labor, which makes all the difference when you are approaching full dilation and in the transition stage of labor. I can not say enough good things about Brandy! She was exactly the person I needed to support me in the beautiful birth of our precious son!! She also took some gorgeous photos of the birth which we will treasure for the rest of our lives!!!

Brandy also taught our hypnobirthing class!! She was super flexible and a lot of fun to be around!” 4/25/2012

Baby B’s Family

“When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted an all-natural, non-medicated birth. Although I’m a very determined, strong-willed women with a supportive husband, I questioned whether or not I could actually do it. That was when I started to look into hiring a doula and found Brandy. She was there for our family through it all!

From giving me massages to take down the swelling in my feet to providing us with all the right education during times of doubt and from offering support and guidance during labor to being there during the most important moment in our lives, Brandy helped me reach my goal of having a wonderful, drug free birthing experience.

Armed with her passion, education and experience, she guided me down the path I needed with calmness and confidence.¬†Brandy is an absolutely amazing doula and more than I could have ever asked for!!”¬†4/25/2012

Baby L’s Family

Kennedyedited“I¬†did all of my research to be in a place where a successful VBAC would be best achieved. I used the midwives at OU, and hired Brandy to attend my birth. I believed she was the best qualified doula in the state to help me achieve a successful VBAC, and now after having a successful UNMEDICATED VBAC, I KNOW for a fact that she is. On the front side of labor, Brandy was extremely helpful in providing answers to questions I had, info¬†about the hospital & midwives, advice to help me cope with pain, and invaluable information about my diet. She also helped me think through some personal issues with how my first delivery went, and what I wanted for this delivery. With her help I was confident in my desires to keep our delivery a very personal & intimate celebration between a husband wife & baby. Going into labor I didn‚Äôt even have my heart set on having an unmedicated birth, but rather¬†NOT having to go through a second CSection. In the 20th hour of contractions when I was exhausted & wanted an epidural, she talked me through my options & helped me find a better solution¬†to my fatigue. She had a plan to suggest and¬†was possibly more confident in my body than I was at that hour. Had she not been there, I know I would have gotten an epidural. She was super helpful in making me change positions, working with my husband through the long hours of watching me labor, encouraging me along the way and took some of the most beautiful pictures of my labor & delivery. She was always right where I needed her to be‚Ķ sometimes by my side, and sometimes off in the distance. My only regret is that I didn‚Äôt take her up on the offer to come to our house while I labored there. She offered many times, but I always told her no. Brandy has found her calling in life. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in hiring a doula, but especially if you are a VBAC momma.¬†” 6/4/2012

Baby R’s Family

IMG_9716“I met Brandy early in my pregnancy. I knew immediately that we “clicked”, she was funny and got my sense of humor, this was the most importnat thing for me. She was a great support throughout my pregnancy. She was available when I would have questions. I found her to be comforting and she provided tons of information throughout my pregnancy. When I went into labor Brandy arrived at my house and was great. Little did we know that my daughter was going to take so long to make her journey. Brandy stayed with me the entire time I was in labor, 80 hours! She was supportive and understanding throughout my labor. When I would challenge her or begin to lose my sunny demeanor she was accepting that it was my process. Brandy was great and I am so thankful that she was there so help me bring my Ruby into the world. ” 4/25/2013

Baby G & C’s Family

wesleybabies2“I first met with Brandy when I was 19 weeks pregnant. I was planning on a home birth with CMS in Norman, so I never planned on hiring a doula, but when I found out I was pregnant with twins, and it was my first pregnancy, home birth was out of the question. The plan became to deliver at OU. Since it was going to be in the hospital setting, hiring a doula became top priority for me. I had a lot of doubts of being able to achieve a natural birth once I found out we were having twins, but when I found out Brandy had a natural birth with her twins and helped other mothers of multiples deliver their twins naturally, I was extremely encouraged. When I met with Brandy, she was just full of encouragement and motivation and knowledge about achieving my goal. She put all my fears at ease. She made herself available to me 24/7. Even though I didn’t email her everyday, I knew I could if I needed to and she would respond. When I emailed her with concerns or complaints about certain things, she always got back to me with a long encouraging email filled with suggestions and reassurance.

I cannot stress how much impact she had when the time came for me to deliver. She was right there by my side, with my husband, rubbing my feet, supporting me, holding the annoying monitors on my stomach (required because of the twins), suggesting positions that would reduce the discomfort, positions that would help me progress faster, and motivating me to the end. She helped us achieve the birth that we had wanted. My husband and I know the outcome would have been different without her.

Brandy also helped me with tandem nursing at my postpartum visit with her. It was successful and a great milestone achieved. We will be so grateful for Brandy’s support and will definitely hire her again for our future children.”¬† 4/27/13