Baby E’s Family

“We found Brandy when I was about 30 weeks along and she was perfect right from the start. She was exactly what we needed. Someone to affirm our feelings on what we wanted for our child and our birthing experience, and worked with us even though we found her so late into my pregnancy!

Up until 39 weeks, my doctor was very pro-natural, agreeing to everything in my birth plan. Until we got to 39 weeks, then it was all about inducing and the dangers of natural childbirth. I called Brandy in tears and she was so supportive, and helpful, calmed me down and helped me make informed decisions for my pregnancy. We waited until I went into labor natually at 41 weeks and three days. My water broke first (in a friends pool!!) and I went home and labored with my husband, while he texted her and gave her updates. She drove out to my house in Mcloud, and stayed with me while I worked through contractions. She helped us pack up and followed us to the hospital about 8 hours after my water broke. Contractions about 2 minutes apart. When we got to the hospital, everything slowed down and I got discouraged. Brandy was there the whole time, telling me how strong I was and making sure no one interrupted my contractions while my husband supported me.

Even though I ended up getting an epidural after 12 hours, Brandy stayed with us until I pushed my 7lb 5oz baby girl IMG_3843Eleanora, into the world (after 36 hours)!! There was meconium, and they took her away along with my husband to suction her lungs. My doctor was very cold, and had terrible bedside manner. If it wasnt for Brandy, making sure I stayed calm and constantly holding my hand, telling me everything was fine, I never would have made it. She came out to my house to help me with breast feeding, and we had a good talk. She helped me understand that just because I didn’t do everything I wanted, I was no less a woman, or mother. I am so grateful we found her!”  Posted 1/8/2014


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