Baby D’s Family

IMG_4274“Brandy is amazing. Period.  I could end my testimonial there but I want to give some examples.  At around 39 weeks, I was HUGE.  Seriously, big.  And so tired.  And whiney.  Brandy listened to me, reassured me, brought essential oils over, answered all my questions, and was a friend to me.  She encouraged me, and gave me confidence.  Just knowing that she was there eased my mind.

Our birth plan centered around Hypnobirthing (a class Brandy teaches that is really good) and I was 100% onboard with doing a gentle, natural, unmedicated birth.  Fast forward to arriving at the hospital (OU) and once they told me I was only at a 5, I sternly said “I WANT AN EPIDURAL.”  (Really I think I yelled it at my husband) Enter Brandy.  She comes in, gets the lights turned down and gently tells me that once I get in the tub I will feel better.  I remember her saying “Let’s try everything else first, and if you still want an epidural, you can get one.  BUT – YOU CAN DO THIS.”  Let me tell you something, Brandy LABORED by my side the whole time I was in labor.  She poured warm water on me in the tub.  She reminded me of how to breathe.  She reminded me that my body was doing exactly what it is meant to do.  She reminded me that my baby was coming!  She kept me hydrated throughout my 14 hour labor…had essential oils and cool rags on my head and neck, etc. I could go on and on.  I am proud to say I had my son by trusting my body and doing an unmedicated birth.  I felt so empowered and so grateful after I was finished.

When I reflect back on the experience, Brandy really stands out as someone who enhanced the whole process. She’s a great resource, but an even better person.

If you are thinking of hiring a doula – please talk to Brandy.  It really doesn’t get better than her.”  Posted 1/3/2014


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