Baby C’s Family

IMG_3817I have one of those super sweet, sensitive, and supportive husbands and because of this I felt there was no need to hire a doula. I thought doulas were for women whose husbands couldn’t handle labor and birth, I didn’t want my husband to ever feel replaced. I asked my midwife is she knew of any good birth photographers and she suggested hiring Brandy because she not only can capture those priceless moments on film, but is an amazing doula.  So my husband and I started discussing this as an option and decided to interview Brandy. We knew that night of the interview that we needed her to be our doula.  Brandy is a wealth of knowledge and was so supportive of both my husband and myself throughout my pregnancy. She never made my husband feel replaced, instead she empowered him and they were able to work together as a team during the labor and birth of my Sweet Charlie. This was my last baby and it gives me such peace and joy to finally have had the birth I had always envisioned. I will forever be thankful to Brandy for her part in helping that happen.”  Posted 12/17/2013


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