Baby C

“It wasn’t a difficult decision for me to hire Brandy for my impending VBAC. I had heard so many great things about her and when we spoke on the phone, she was already able to make me feel like I was NOT broken and I COULD do this! My water broke at 39 weeks but it took a while before active labor took place. Once it did, I called Brandy over who got down on the floor with me (mind you, it was about 4 in the morning) and applied amazing counter pressure to my hipsMurrayBirth-6 and back.

Additionally, she used cold rags with essential oils to relieve my nausea. The oils had an immediate affect! She held a warm compress to my uterus during some of my contractions. I eventually made my way to the tub where I remained the rest of the time. She reminded me to change positions and also to relax when I didn’t even realize I was tensing up. She also played my favorite song, which put me at a neccessary peace-of-mind state.

I ended up being so comfortable that, by the time we arrived to the hospital, I was complete and ready to push! I got overwhelmed at this point because I hadn’t done it before and I was getting nervous. Brandy used a calm voice the entire time that helped me know that everything would be ok. Her confidence in me never wavered. I can’t explain how crucial that was to my success. Without Brandy’s help, I’m really not sure I would have had a successful VBAC! I would highly reccommend Brandy Harris to any pregnant woman preparing for birth!”

Posted 12/13/2013


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