Baby X’s Family

IMG_8344“Brandy was the perfect support for me and my husband!! I am a labor and delivery nurse and was preparing for the birth of our second child, baby boy number two. I work at OU Children’s where we have the midwives, but we also have the sickest mommies and babies from around the state as we are the only hospital equipped in the to provide the highest level of care. Therefore, I’ve seen how much can go wrong. From day one Brandy was always direct, honest, and up front with me and would tell me exactly what I needed to hear. She guided me to live in the normal, natural, and positive. I work always preparing for the 1% where things could go wrong, and Brandy pulled me into the 99% and empowered me to be positive and to believe in my body that it was perfectly capable. Brandy is well educated not only on the doula side of things but understands the medical aspects as well, not to say that she would guide your medical decisions in any way but that she can support you as she understands what is going on. She will advocate for you when necessary and will support your decisions. During labor Brandy was a constant calm and strong presence. She showed my husband how to perform counter pressure which was a lifesaver!!! She was constantly doing things to make my birthing experience better/easier/more comfortable and would give me lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement. This helped me to stay in control of my body, breathing, and response to labor, which makes all the difference when you are approaching full dilation and in the transition stage of labor. I can not say enough good things about Brandy! She was exactly the person I needed to support me in the beautiful birth of our precious son!! She also took some gorgeous photos of the birth which we will treasure for the rest of our lives!!!

Brandy also taught our hypnobirthing class!! She was super flexible and a lot of fun to be around!” 4/25/2012


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