Baby T’s Family

IMG_0563“Our home birth ended up at the hospital due to complications, and Brandy never left my side. She advocated faithfully to help us have the most naturally birth as possible, given the circumstances. It didn’t end up natural at all, but I can say that at every turn my boyfriend and I were in charge of which direction to take, and we owe that to Brandy and our midwives.

Our birth didn’t go anything like the way we’d hoped, but because of our incredible birth team, we came through it safe and sound, with a beautiful, healthy baby and our dignity in tact.IMG_0582

I would wholeheartedly recommend Brandy. She is a consummate professional, stays abreast of the latest science on pregnancy and childbirth, and has an easy, graceful way about her. She will most definitely be my first choice the next time I need a doula.”  6/4/13


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  1. I had decided berfoe birth to have my husband, my sister, a doula and the midwife who also brought along a helper since I was going to have a homebirth. I was nervous about having so many people there but I was extremely glad that I did. I needed all that extra support through my long labor and had to have at least 2 people putting pressure on my back due to back labor. It was nice for them also because they each got a break. My poor husband never really got a break because every time he would go to get some sleep I would ask for him back 🙂