Baby R’s Family

IMG_9716“I met Brandy early in my pregnancy. I knew immediately that we “clicked”, she was funny and got my sense of humor, this was the most importnat thing for me. She was a great support throughout my pregnancy. She was available when I would have questions. I found her to be comforting and she provided tons of information throughout my pregnancy. When I went into labor Brandy arrived at my house and was great. Little did we know that my daughter was going to take so long to make her journey. Brandy stayed with me the entire time I was in labor, 80 hours! She was supportive and understanding throughout my labor. When I would challenge her or begin to lose my sunny demeanor she was accepting that it was my process. Brandy was great and I am so thankful that she was there so help me bring my Ruby into the world. ” 4/25/2013


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