Baby P’s Family

IMG_9175“I had an emergency c section with my first so I was attempting to VBAC naturally.  Brandy came to my house more times than I remember to apply acupressure and just be there while I endured a couple weeks of prodromal labor.  She also came to my house and was with me while I was in hard labor for three days.  She was definitely an amazing resource at the hospital making sure my husband and I were aware of all our options.  Since I was having a VBAC there was a lot more to be cautious of.  It was awesome having her guide my husband and I to get me in different positions to help me be more comfortable and make quicker progress.  I was only actually in the bed when I was pushing and I was never on my back;)  I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish my goal of having a natural birth without drugs without her.”  5/1/2013


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