Baby L’s Family

Kennedyedited“I did all of my research to be in a place where a successful VBAC would be best achieved. I used the midwives at OU, and hired Brandy to attend my birth. I believed she was the best qualified doula in the state to help me achieve a successful VBAC, and now after having a successful UNMEDICATED VBAC, I KNOW for a fact that she is. On the front side of labor, Brandy was extremely helpful in providing answers to questions I had, info about the hospital & midwives, advice to help me cope with pain, and invaluable information about my diet. She also helped me think through some personal issues with how my first delivery went, and what I wanted for this delivery. With her help I was confident in my desires to keep our delivery a very personal & intimate celebration between a husband wife & baby. Going into labor I didn’t even have my heart set on having an unmedicated birth, but rather NOT having to go through a second CSection. In the 20th hour of contractions when I was exhausted & wanted an epidural, she talked me through my options & helped me find a better solution to my fatigue. She had a plan to suggest and was possibly more confident in my body than I was at that hour. Had she not been there, I know I would have gotten an epidural. She was super helpful in making me change positions, working with my husband through the long hours of watching me labor, encouraging me along the way and took some of the most beautiful pictures of my labor & delivery. She was always right where I needed her to be… sometimes by my side, and sometimes off in the distance. My only regret is that I didn’t take her up on the offer to come to our house while I labored there. She offered many times, but I always told her no. Brandy has found her calling in life. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in hiring a doula, but especially if you are a VBAC momma. ” 6/4/2012


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