Baby G & C’s Family

wesleybabies2“I first met with Brandy when I was 19 weeks pregnant. I was planning on a home birth with CMS in Norman, so I never planned on hiring a doula, but when I found out I was pregnant with twins, and it was my first pregnancy, home birth was out of the question. The plan became to deliver at OU. Since it was going to be in the hospital setting, hiring a doula became top priority for me. I had a lot of doubts of being able to achieve a natural birth once I found out we were having twins, but when I found out Brandy had a natural birth with her twins and helped other mothers of multiples deliver their twins naturally, I was extremely encouraged. When I met with Brandy, she was just full of encouragement and motivation and knowledge about achieving my goal. She put all my fears at ease. She made herself available to me 24/7. Even though I didn’t email her everyday, I knew I could if I needed to and she would respond. When I emailed her with concerns or complaints about certain things, she always got back to me with a long encouraging email filled with suggestions and reassurance.

I cannot stress how much impact she had when the time came for me to deliver. She was right there by my side, with my husband, rubbing my feet, supporting me, holding the annoying monitors on my stomach (required because of the twins), suggesting positions that would reduce the discomfort, positions that would help me progress faster, and motivating me to the end. She helped us achieve the birth that we had wanted. My husband and I know the outcome would have been different without her.

Brandy also helped me with tandem nursing at my postpartum visit with her. It was successful and a great milestone achieved. We will be so grateful for Brandy’s support and will definitely hire her again for our future children.”  4/27/13


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