Baby E’s Family

BabyE“Brandy was an irreplaceable part of our birth experience. For unexpected circumstances we ended up in a c-section and having an experienced doula to help reassure all the emotions being felt were normal was a blessing. There are such a range of emotions with a c-section fear, regret, feelings of personal failure coupled with the joy and love that come with every birth. During the c-section Brandy helped me feel calm and reassured that the circumstances were not my fault. It took alot of time to process our birth experience and once the pain of it all set in Brandy was there to explain every detail of what happened that day. She was there to help me realize that I wasn’t a bad mom for having feelings of grief because I didn’t get the natural birth I wanted. We hope to use Brandy with any future births we know she will be key in our preparation and plans for a vbac next time.”  4/28/2013


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