Baby C’s Family


“Without Brandy, I do not think I would have had my VBAC. Brandy is so personable and knowledgable about birth. Before labor, she was there to support me, answer my calls, emails, questions any time of day. She had so much confidence in my body’s ability to birth, probably more than I did!

During labor, she was the perfect balance of helpfulness without being in the way. She knows what her place is, and she plays the role of doula perfectly. She knows how to fit into the situation where she is most helpful. I also know several midwives who love her and are big fans of her 🙂 She reminded me to do things during labor that helped me so much (getting into the tub, deep breathing – to name a couple) and I think my husband and I would have forgotten to do those things without her. After laboring for 37 hours, the medical staff was ready to take me to a c-section. I was exhausted and agreed to the c-section after being “stuck” at 7cm for hours and hours. Brandy suggested the nurse check my dilation one more time. She did, and I was dilated and ready to push! Thanks to Brandy’s suggestion I was able to have a healing VBAC!

Brandy was worth every cent and more! It was such a blessing to have a doula who I completely trusted. I wish I could remember every single thing she did for me, it was so much. The end of my pregnancy and my labor was significantly better because Brandy was a part of it. I would (and do) recommend her to anyone!” 10/29/2011


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