Baby B’s Family

IMG_8668” From switching Drs at 30 weeks, writing and rewriting our birth plan, dealing with high BP, bedrest and threat of induction: She was our rock during the pregnancy…. She labored at home with us for over 50 hrs (with a couple dr visits & one hospital run in between), then of course she helped us rock star our first birth after being in the hospital for only 2 hours. Shortly after birth she supported us as a family as I worked through a bit of hemmoraging, not to mention she helped us find our voice as parents in speaking up for what we thought was best for our son, even if it meant “refusing treatment,” and at the end of the day our gut was right. More than anything though, I was blown away by the amazing support she offered post partum. Two days postpartum I found myself in incredible pain & basically paralyzed from the waist down. Brandy was there helping us find home care from chiropracters to postpartum doulas and supporting me in continuing breastfeeding when most told me to just give up and focus on healing. She made even fed my son when I was incapacitated and we had no back-up available. I can’t express enough how blessed we were to have Brandy as our doula. She helped me seperate my wonderful birth experience from my challenging postpartum experience and supported us above and beyond through every step. If you’re looking for someone to guide you through pregnancy and childbirth, to help you advocate for yourself and your child and to push you to find your identity and voice as a new family then I highly reccomend hiring Brandy as your doula.”  4/29/13


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