Baby B’s Family

“When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted an all-natural, non-medicated birth. Although I’m a very determined, strong-willed women with a supportive husband, I questioned whether or not I could actually do it. That was when I started to look into hiring a doula and found Brandy. She was there for our family through it all!

From giving me massages to take down the swelling in my feet to providing us with all the right education during times of doubt and from offering support and guidance during labor to being there during the most important moment in our lives, Brandy helped me reach my goal of having a wonderful, drug free birthing experience.

Armed with her passion, education and experience, she guided me down the path I needed with calmness and confidence. Brandy is an absolutely amazing doula and more than I could have ever asked for!!” 4/25/2012


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